Who is YoungJediDad

Welcome To YoungJediDad! 

“Son, Brother, Father, Husband, Correctional Officer, Coffee Drinker, Universal Unitarian, Sports Fanatic, Hardcore Gamer, Positive Thinker, Star Wars Enthusiasts & Jedi Master.”

This blog is about fatherhood through the eyes of a geeky dad who loves Star Wars, but also a father who is attending Ashford University, in which I will be posting both assignments on my journey in gaining my degree and also dad moments, with a Jedi twist.

My goals in life are simple. Be a role model to my children. Be the best father I can be of every minute of every day.

I grew up with three sisters, An older sister, a twin, and a younger. Yes a household of woman and now, in my own family…Yet again, a household of girls. My destiny in life was to be raised by women and now, to raise two of my own #ChallengeAccepted. #MayTheForceBeWithMe

My biggest role model is my mother, hands down. My Biggest accomplishment in life is becoming a father. Behind every Powerful Jedi there is a powerful woman, I realize I’m nothing without the patience of my wife.

Welcome and Enjoy!




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