Dad Life, Fathers Day 2017

“A father is neither an anchor to hold us back nor a sail to take us there, but a guiding light whose love shows us the way.”

– Unknown

A father’s love is a strong sturdy love. It weathers through the good and the bad times in a child’s life.  In the mind of a child, everything is a BIG DEAL; Misplacing a special toy, not having the right snack, or even not playing the game “correctly”. In our adult minds, these are very insignificant issues, but for our kids, these are enormous life altering circumstances. Fathers don’t handle every one of these circumstances the same way or even correctly all the time. The imperative element of being a father, however is the strength and energy one puts into their child’s life. The time we spend with our kids, as a father, is significant in their developing behaviors.

Yes, more then we like we routinely play the “bad guy” when it comes to “correcting” and “educating” our kids. Which sucks because our kids tend to run to mommy or want to spend more time with the “fun” aunts and uncles while all we said was a simple “no” on milk and said it was time for water. Guess what dads, that time will pass. Once it does, every moment with that son or daughter will become a blast! Now, when my daughter does something she knows isn’t ok she has this little thing called “sass” and let me tell you. It’s so hard to keep a straight face when it comes to dealing with her now! The way she gets all confidant in her actions and her justification, my God it’s hard not to laugh!

Dads, guess what? It’s ok to show compassion, its ok to show affection, its ok to show sadness with your kids. No man cards can ever be taken away due to sharing special moments with our children. When my daughter paints my nails, she does more than my nails… my entire toes are one color! If I would ever have to take my shoes/socks off in public place, people will question my lifestyle 100%….. Dads, our lifestyle is “the dad life”, embrace it. Having a rock concert in one’s car to My Little Pony is completely acceptable when you’re making a long drive fun…. Count those short drives also!


To the dads who embrace their dad lifestyle, their dadbods, daddy bracelets, and who truly enjoy spending moments with their little ones. Happy Father’s Day!

– Joe “YoungJediDad”

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