A Tribute To Fathers

Happy Fathers day to all you amazing dads out there.

If your a new dad, Welcome to fatherhood, Your life will never be the same.

If your a father who has always been there for your kids, You Rock.

If your a father who has filled the roll of fatherhood to the fatherless, Your Amazing.

If your a father who has come back in your child’s life and rebuild a relationship with them, Your Awesome.

Regardless of how you are a dad, Today is your day. You don’t have to have kids to celebrate today. You could be an individual who has taken someone under your wing and have filled that empty hole in someone’s life who has no father. Being a father takes a special individual. Not anyone can be a Superhero, Jedi, or a King but those who take that responsibility realize somethings real fast. A. WTF did I do?! B. Easy, lets have another. C. Just starting to build my army of minions…. Which ever one of these best describe you as a father it all leads to the same thought. You eventually come to realization that you are never looking back to your life before kids. Before getting your toes painted and before you mastered the art of hair braiding with your girls. Digging in the dirt and fishing with your sons. These little parts of you are everything you hold dear in life, Those little smiles melt your heart.

So, All you dads out here, young and old. Here’s to you. May you have plenty of beers and hugs today.


-Joe “YoungJediDad”

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