Equal Parental Paid Leave

I’m currently working on my final paper for college. If all goes well, a week from today I will have finally obtained my degree in communication. This finale paper is centered around not just fatherhood, but also motherhood and the importance of time parents spend with their newborns. I’m writing this as if I’m writing a  “feature story” for any magazine I choose. I have picked Parents Magazine. I have Less then a week to get this done and my goal is to get this done by Friday… Here is my opening…

It’s not a shocker to keep in mind that many companies here in the United States give very little time for new mothers and comparatively none to fathers. There is no law or any form of legislation that mandates them to over such a thing to their employees. I believe that now is the time for the government and business to truly consider equal parental paid leave time and the benefits it brings. It does not only balance the significances of mothers and fathers in families but also provides cutting edge advantages to specific business organizations. In this piece we will understand the importance equal parental leave and understand the value of both a father and a mother’s love and nurture and the importance of the time that is needed between parents and their new-borns.

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