What Makes a Good Blog?!

Social media has taken blogging to a whole other level, in both a positive and negative way. In a sense its easier to talk about what you did that day or share your opinion on Facebook then it is blogging. With Facebook you may deal with some minor pushback from some friends and family that you have added but you can set your account up to protect what you post from strangers to even see or find you. With blogging you lay it all out on the line for everyone to read, comment, share, praise, or even belittle. You can’t control who you connect with like you can with Twitter, Facebook, and with Myspace. Before we had those three sites, we had LiveJournal, literally a journal where you could write on and post on the web for others to read and follow. In my opinion LiveJournal and blogging was the start and the early birth of social media we have today.

In the article 7 Elements to Make Your Blog Look Great, Michael Martin talks about everything from the layout structure to functionality of one’s blog and the success you can have with those two elements, along with everything in between. The 7 elements are; structure, balance, color, small details, clarity and emphasis, remarkability, and functionality. “There is a lot of information on a web page. You can order your page in your own mind, but if the ordering is not blatantly obvious to a first-time visitor, they’re going to be overloaded and leave.” (Martin, 2016). This statement is the reason why I created my site with such an easy layout. As you scroll down my site youngjedidad.com you come to a different blog posting, were an individual can preview the first couple of sentences of my post. Navigation to me is very important, I don’t like getting lost easily on sites, I like to be able to backtrack out if I need, thus me using a simple scroll design for my site. Another blog site I love and find easy to navigate through is juliothedj.wordpress.com. He has it set up were each blog post is a box and they are all there for in which you can easily look at each heading picture and title and click and read the posting.

Balance is another element from Martin article and an element I’m still attempting to understand and use. My theme, I wanted to have was about something I love, Star Wars. Now I’m not a major nerd, but a nerd non-the-less. My wife was like, “Joe, write about fatherhood, you have great stories of Anna and at times great….advise to give out about funny dad moments and how to handle them..” Thus, by me adding my Twitter name to the site, YoungJediDad.com was born. But finding that balance is still hard for me. Yes, I have found a theme, my structure, my name but I need to add that professional touch in as well. My mind was so caught up in this idea of fatherhood through the eyes of a Jedi, however, the importance of balance with professional information was missing. I have had fellow classmates talk about this in responses about my blog, in which I will improve on.

Small detail is another element that is needed when creating a great blog, according to Martin. From your header to your side bar, the little things on the ones blogging site is appreciated. For me, small detail is centered around my typing, in which I have recently decided to have my wife help me proof read my writings. She notices small details in papers and at times, I find myself embarrassed when she caught them because I felt like one of her students. So I stopped asking her to look over my old papers. I’m too scared to have my wife read and break down my paper, yet I turn in and post blogs and articles that she should be looking at before I turn them in… My pride can step aside at this point, I’m all for criticism from anyone to turn in proper, correct, blogs and papers. In a whole, in regards to small detail, for me and my blog, I need to work on grammar. Now a blog that blows mine out of the water in reference to detail is bespokenpen.wordpress.com. I look at her site and see simplicity, and elegance all entwined together beautifully and perfectly. From her opening words “A Writer’s Affair, with words”… to her poems and postings about traveling.  All, in my opinion pulls the visitor in instantly. Her site isn’t flashy with crazy color schemes with abstract graphics in the background, what she has is perfect for style and site. She has pictures, that I’m willing to bet, she took as a photographer and is using them in her site rather then taking random ones from the internet inside her writings and postings to add a theme about that blog post. Leah gets it and understands these details better then I.

Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter gives people outlets to let out their thoughts in their own special, 140 character way, but blogging is such a bigger platform then I ever thought it was, until this assignment. In all honesty I thought blogging was dying and video blogging with YouTube was leading the way. Until this class and my wife showing me so many parenting blogs she looked at in regards to parenting, healthy foods, healthy living, yoga, etc. By paying more attention to small details, on a grammar standpoint is majorly needed in my blog, along with finding the correct balance of information I post and write bout. These two elements, will work on, joe will. – Yoda… My classmates…instructor…



Assignment Four

Joe Valentin

Instructor Sexton


February 8, 2016










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