The World of Technology

In today’s world there are so many ways to reach out to people with so many different media options to use. On top of that there are still so many ways to do the same thing, meaning for example; reading a book.  With that same book you can listen to it rather then read it, or if you don’t want to read/listen to that book you can watch the movie (so many good book series have movies/shows now!) With so many media outlets doing things however you want to has become easier and easier. The four types of media technologies that come to mind right of the start are; Print, Radio, Television, and the Internet, all of which will be discussed in this paper.

Radio was the highlight of early 1900’s. It brought families together after dinner and connected so many different people to one place at the same time. News, sports, entertainment, shows and presidential announcements where all coming out of this one little box. Today individuals can listen to sporting events, World Series, NBA Finals, Super bowl, and even the Masters. These announcers describe every little detail, almost down to what color socks the players are wearing. If your listening to Game 7 of the NBA Finals, those announcers might be more loud, expressive, and excited. Now if you listen to the Golf Masters down to the wire during a death match on the 18th hole, yes, that announcer might be just as excited, but still maintains a calmer tone due to that type of sporting event.

Television and the entertainment that comes with it draws people in right off the bat, actually while they are kids/infants. From the bright colors to the most interesting of news. The difference between radio and TV is that you are actually watching what is being announced. Radio, you had your shows, the best example that comes to my mind is War of the Worlds and how it was so amazing that it made people actually believe that it was a very real thing. TV and the shows have, at times, done the same with their audience. Discovery Channel did it to us when they came out with Mermaid: The Body Found. My wife and I were in shock the first time we watched this, thus sparking us to research more about it and then finding out it was a mokumentary. Needless to say we weren’t the only one’s fooled, in fact people all over the world were just as excited then sadden by the possible truth.

Print. The very first way for someone to expand the mind and imagine for themselves worlds beyond what they are living in. J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, C. S. Lewis, and George R. R. Martin all have impacted millions of minds by their worlds they have created. Besides books, newspapers were the source of the news before radio and televisions! If you wanted to find out about a murder case or a result of a game, for most, the newspaper/s were the only source of communication they had to the outside world. Think about how our Presidential elections today would be different if all we had were newspapers and nothing else.

The Internet changed the game and is continually changing the world around us daily. From looking up research discussions to getting caught up on the newest X-Files show (amazing). So many doors have been open due to the crazy amount of information that is constantly being put on it. You can combine all of the print, radio, and television into one place and boom you have the Internet.  Almost anything at your fingerprints if you can think of it, it is there, crazy or fun. (Just don’t get lost on the crazy side of YouTube.)





Assignment Two

Joe Valentin

Instructor Sexton

January 25, 2016



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