Adulthood, Business In The Eyes Of A Dad


Kids. Wouldn’t it be nice to just be one forever?! No worries and care in the world. Other then picking which parent to get a snack from… Then figuring out a way to get the other parent to give you another snack… On top of that, the struggle gets even more real when waiting for your next meal time and getting out of nap-time. Taking this class and being a father of a two year old along with being a parent in general, these points we learned from this class can be applied to almost any aspect of life, and having a chance to have one of the funnest jobs a man could ever ask for, being a dad and applying these teachings to my family life. On a professional level and along with my career choice, the new knowledge I gained from the assignments, and class discussions throughout the class are and will make me better in the business world.

Affirmative Action is “…a recruitment philosophy that originally designed to promote a wider, more inclusive application pool.” In other words the HR team that does the hiring has a chance to have a bigger hiring pool. In construction you would think that it’s a man’s man job. IF that was true, the hiring pool would be shrunk due to not hiring woman and only hiring men. This philosophy is talking about sex, race, and at times age when it comes to what defines affirmative action. Also on experience in regards to the job an individual might be applying for. EEO or Equal Employee Opportunity is very much tied into this as well. This law tells hiring companies that everyone has the right to work  based on their merit ability, and potential and they can’t be refuse based on race or gender. I watched a news story about a man named “Jose”, he couldn’t get an interview and/or a call back from jobs he applied too and he wondered why. He changed one simple thing, changed his name on his resume from “Jose” to “Joe”. He got a phone call from the company he had applied for within the week (if I remember correctly), in fact. Jose got more phones calls just by changing names from “Jose” to “Joe”. I thought about it, by resume says Jose just because I feel it’s my legal name and I would feel its misleading, on a business and professional level if I informed them my name was Joe. Now everyone calls me Joe, but I look at it in reference to HR paper work and background checks companies do when hiring and looking into a candidate.

Human resources planning, recruitment, and selection. This section was a fun one to read, review, and go over. We talked about this in week two of the class. This is how HR Manages their groups, teams, and departments and the end goal is to have the right people in the right area for both the company and the individuals. Now finding an individual is done by recruiting, if it’s by emailing, job fairs, or even posting on social media sites, recruiting can be done in so many different ways in today’s world. When recruiting companies try to find an individual who fits into their culture and business model. For example, I have an old friend who works at Zappos. A clothing company based out of Las Vegas and is owned 51% by Amazon. She works in the human resources department and does the hiring along with the firing. She recently talked me into applying to the company, which I did. Zappos has a very laid back business model along with a creative-high energy atmosphere. One of the ways they select people is by how creative an individual can be and if they stick out (positively). I did something I never heard of before when I applied, which my friend helped explained to me how to do it. I created a “video cover letter.” This is when you send a video of yourself explaining who you are and why they should look at you and hire you. She recommended doing something funny and goofy to stick out with a twist of professionalism ( The point is, businesses are different and some select individuals who see a process laid before them and do it while others encourage people to be creative and come up with different ways to get the same result. Like my mother says “ 2+2=4, but so does 3+1, we all have different ways to get to the same result. Now looking further at the selection process this class has taught me that there are other forms of ways HR does their selection when hiring an individual. Conducting interviews, face to face, the traditional way to help make the selective process easier. But other methods are used more and more thanks to technology. I have had a Skype interview before along with just a three-phone call interview process. These ways to select individuals are normally the final step when hiring and gives the company a good handle and understanding of who they are hiring.

Thanks to technology we can reach out to old friends and new friends due to social media sites. We can look up companies and the individual looking for a job can, in a way, pick and choose who they want to apply for, for their very own selection process. Social media is a good tool to recruit new possible employees. LinkedIn is very popular for company’s recruiters to use to help them find individuals who could fit into their cultural environment. There is also and which allows companies to post jobs and recruiters to use for their benefit. I have even seen companies go as far as using Facebook to reach out to people who are on the job hunt. Employers use media sites to assist and find people for their companies, they also use these same tools to weed out individuals. For example, I’m friends with my employer on Facebook, we have attended family functions together with our children, regardless though. If I would post something negative about how he does something or how I feel the company is slacking and not doing right, I know he would have no problem with saying goodbye and enjoy the job hunt. Meaning, Companies watch what we do and say online. If we post negative and argumentative statements on Twitter, a possible employer could look at me as someone who is very standoff-ish and questions authority, thus not hiring me because they don’t want to hire a “cancer.”

Now the benefits side of the company is critical and some would say is the heart of the company.  All aspects of the company touch Benefits.  It’s important that the team and every individual within the organization truly understands medical, dental, visual, and 401K information. When it came to moving my then pregnant wife to Ohio and working for the logistics company this was my first encounter with picking my own medial plans and understanding what I was doing, I had no idea. I was a fresh college student who had insurance through the university and our parents and never had to worry about this side of life. I was continuously in the benefits office asking questions and getting the answers on the best plan for a young couple getting ready to have their first child. This class and personal experiences has shown me first hand what compensation is. This could be anything from sick days, bonuses, vacation pay, and stocks from the company. All of these must be completive with every other company. If I would get a phone call from Google and offered a chance to work as a project manager  and the very next day had a similar opportunity to work at Apple Inc., not only would I be supper excited and blessed but I would look at their benefits and compensation. I have said through this class that people more and more don’t look for a career job anymore, They are looking for a stepping stone job that gets them higher to where they want to end up at. And benefits and compensation could have a strong pull in that area for some. For me, it 100% does. In the most non-selfish way, these two things drive my decisions. Being medically sound and financially secure drive me, money drives me. I want to spoil my kids and wife and give them anything they ever want/ed.

We also talked about Safety in this class in regards to HR and how they handle things. Now both safety and workman’s comp is important. If I were to get hurt on the job site for my current boss in construction I would be taking money away from the company in so many ways. My boss would possibly have to pay my wages, short term disability and along with possibly hiring another employee to fill my spot while I would be gone. It’s important to understand this side of thing as an employee because some companies don’t offer some of these things. You fall off a roof, some construction companies don’t offer short/long term disability insurance and just say “see ya!” if this happens. In my current job, I am fortunate enough to have a boss in the construction world who is proactive and understands the importance of offering these to his employees.

Finally, this class has helped me understand the importance of Employee Relations and how it works within a company. Employee Relations  works directly with the employee population to better the work place.  Issues, recognition, and terminations are handled within this fun team in the HR department. It’s important this team has a good working relationship with managers, leads, directors, and the executive team because of how crazy things can get at times. This is the side of Human Resources I would like to eventually be on. I feel I have thick skin and if push came to shove in regards to letting someone go due to a legit reason, I could do it. I have witness a situation unfold across my desk in Ohio when an individual was fired on the spot. I’ll make this example as “PG” as I can. I’ll name the employee, “Tom”. Tom wasn’t doing a job great hitting his numbers and job requirements and he knew his job was on the line and in the hot seat, in sales, it always is. So one day he called up his girlfriend and had a thirty minute inappropriate chat with her. Now our trainers see when we are on the phone and for training purposes tap into our calls to see how we are in reaching out to possible clients and give us tips on how we can do better. Well, our trainer jumped on Toms phone call and she was in shock. HR was called along with security and Tom was escorted out immediately.  His phone office phone record was pulled and this wasn’t his first time of having such a call. Some terminations can be crazy like that, yet be just as easy, others can be tough and hard for that which I can handle.

These are the different topics we talked about during BUS303. It was a class I have been excited to take because Human Resources is were I want to be with my career once I graduate and understanding key tools and concepts through a management side of Human Resources was even better. Growing up and being an adult is apart of human life. We take life lessons and at times apply them to real situations and through jobs we have learn how to handle them correctly. As I say in my Zappos cover video letter. “Being a parent has taught me one thing, one very important things in life, patience; How to keep my cool when everything gets messy…” As a parent you are the Human Resources Manager for your company a.k.a. family. The older the child gets, the more departments get open to help prepare them for their journey in life and the very same step that we all were scared of at one point. Adulthood.


Final Paper

Joe Valentin

Instructor Kern


JUNE 22, 2015





Youssef, C. (2012). Human resource management. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education.

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