Jedi Life-Fatherhood

Becoming a Jedi isn’t easy, the long hours of meditation, training, exercising, and drills were grueling. On top of that The Jedi Academy never prepared us for being a parent, never once warned us about the pre-parent circumstances, the pregnancy. When the “Mrs.” gets to the point when she can’t reach a plate out of the cabinets due to her oversized belly rudely not allowing her to do so. What about the smells she randomly starts gagging too! Pizza, hamburgers, COFFEE, YES COFFEE! To the point when I couldn’t make coffee in the house and had to fight the Sith and train our Padawan without my energy source! Food smelled so disgusting to her that I had to eat everything in the spaceship(car) so she would not throw up. Then the random food combinations begin: pickles and ice cream, YUCK! I also got to the point that when I went to the local store I would grab double the sweets (some for her and hide what I wanted for me), and also always grab something salty to counter the sweet tooth she gets at 3am in the morning so I don’t have to run to the store at that time.  The best and most enjoyable part of your partner being pregnant is her bladder being weak. Due to the baby’s positioning, a simple sneeze can cause a hilarious emergency run to the restroom, and normally she doesn’t make it. Ahhh yes, Pre-Fatherhood, thanks Jedi Academy for nothing…

My Baby Padawan’s Arrival: After holding my little one for the first time, nothing else mattered in the entire universe at that moment. Her blues eyes and little fingers, toes, belly, ears…. Obviously the very first thing I was count everything to make sure she had the correct number of toes, eyes, etc. Fast forward a couple weeks after we left the space clinic. Cries throughout the night, rolling over informing each other it was their turn to rock the baby back to sleep. The random projectile spit-up that could miss everything else in the room but you. You tend to look around asking out loud to yourself, “Was I ready?”. Knowing that I had to be ready no matter what in those moments of doubt, I pushed forward.

Toddler stage…. She is using her powers randomly, her room is clean and within a second she force pushes and EVERYTHING is EVERYWHERE! How? No idea… No idea how she moves that fast, I blame Master Yoda. When he watches her I’m sure he trains her in the power of speed and agility, have you seen him with a lightsaber?!

Regardless, everything this child does is amazing, and I’m sure all Jedi Dads will agree that their little Padawan’s are entertaining. I wouldn’t change a single thing about my little girl. She is going to be as intelligent as her mother and as humorous as her father. Waking up with her playing with my beards and kissing my nose is the best way any Jedi can wake up. Its crazy to think that it has already been 2 ½ years, and here shortly she will be in preschool, then elementary school…Junior High, Jesus…Then high school 0.o…. Mother of Jabba! Those days should be fun.

Being a Jedi Dad makes me a better Jedi. Fatherhood is amazing in every aspect possible. Yes, you have the bad days, but after those days you realize that they really weren’t bad days, just learning days that you build off of to become a better, stronger Jedi.

And now this Jedi Dad is ready (as could be) for round 2…and ready for our 2nd Padawan to join our Jedi Family!


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