Training a Padawan, Potty Training

As a Jedi Dad it is my duty, neh my pure pleasure to help raise the future Masters of our generation. I realized, what better way to start is by “potty training”.  Any Jedi knows that relieving themselves the correct way in the correct situation is important. You just can’t let loose in the middle of lightsaber training!

My wife gave me a challenge, like all, wives do to their husbands. So I decided to start a “Wife’s Challenge section. And the first blog post in this challenge is none other than potty training, through not just any dad’s perspective, but a Jedi Dad’s perspective.

Join me on this week’s journey as my Padawan and I fight the Sith (poop) by putting it in its rightful place, the princess potty. 

Like a great Jedi Master once said.


“Try not. DO or do not. There is no try…”

– Yoda


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